The article “The effect of interactive experiences on the meaning of girlfriend getaways” jointly by Zhang, J., Lai, I.K.W. (MPU), and Wong, J.W.C. has been published in Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research. (SSCI, SCOPUS)

    This study aims to explore how interactive experiences with girlfriends during travel empower the meaning of girlfriend getaways (GGAs). Through semi-structured interviews with seventeen GGA tourists (Study 1), four types of interactive experiences were identified. Then, a survey was conducted with 352 GGA tourists (Study 2). The results of data analysis indicated that four interactive experiences (including chit-chat, frolic, intimacy gathering, and work-sharing) affect trip satisfaction, these four activities except chit-chat affect a sense of connection, and a sense of connection and trip satisfaction affect the meaning of GGAs. Recommendations for improving the quality of GGAs were also provided.

    The article can be read here:

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