The article “ Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Gambling Behavior in Mainland Chinese Gamblers in Macau: Cross-Sectional Survey Study” jointly by Jinquan Zhou (MPU), Hong-Wai Ho (MPU) and ChiBiu Chan has been published in JMIR Formative Research. (SCIE, SCOPUS)

    This study highlights the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on casino gambling, notably evident in a significant decline in Mainland Chinese tourists visiting Macau for gambling. There is a noticeable shift from traditional gambling to web-based alternatives, with individuals seeking options within the pandemic constraints. Furthermore, the findings point out an increase in gambling among the younger generation and behavioral changes in individuals with mood disorders. The findings of this study emphasize the critical need for proactive measures to address evolving gambling preferences and associated risks during public health crises; furthermore, these findings underscore the importance of adaptive strategies within the gambling industry, as well as the necessity for effective public health interventions and regulatory frameworks to respond to unprecedented challenges with efficacy and precision.

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