The article “The gaming concession system in Macao: reform or retain?” jointly by Changbin Wang (MPU) and Libo Yan (MPU) has been published in Asian Education and Development Studies (ESCI and Scopus).

    This study aims to examine the problems of the concession system that Macao has long-term adopted to regulate its gaming industry and discuss alternatives. Theoretical reflection was used to provide qualitatively different insights about governmental supervision of the gaming industry. Two options for reform are proposed: (1) replace the concession system with a licensing system that does not restrict the number of concessionaires or the period of concession or (2) adopt a modified form of the concession system that changes the number of concessionaires, period of concessions and methods for selecting concessionaires. This study’s results have implications for the Macao government and other gaming jurisdictions in Asia. This study provides a comprehensive examination of the concession system for governmental supervision of the gaming industry.

     The article can be read here:

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