The article “How to promote film tourism more effectively? From a perspective of self-congruity and film tourism experience” jointly by Wu, X. and Lai, I.K.W. (MPU) has been published in Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 28(6), 556-572.  (SSCI, SCOPUS)

    This study aimed to bring self-congruity theory into film tourism and examine how film tourists’ self-congruity with three film elements (celebrities, film plot, and destination) affects their film tourism experience, satisfaction, and word-of-mouth. The survey results from 334 Chinese film tourists in Macao indicated that celebrity-tourist congruence, film-tourist congruence, and destination-tourist congruence have different levels of impact on the three dimensions of the film tourism experience, which further influence tourists’ satisfaction and word-of-mouth intention. This study revealed the influence mechanism of film elements on the film tourism experience. It provides implications for destination marketers to promote film tourism.

    The article can be read here:

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