The article “Tourists’ food involvement, place attachment, and destination loyalty: The moderating role of lifestyle” jointly by Jingru Chen, Fu-Chieh Hsu, Libo Yan (MPU), Hoffer M. Lee, and Yuqing Zhang has been published in Behavioral Sciences (SSCI).

    Destination food has been increasingly appealing to tourists within adjacent markets. This trend has been widely recognised by destination marketers; however, scholars have paid limited attention to tourists’ psychological and behavioural responses to destination food. Taking Shunde as the research site, using a questionnaire-based survey method equipped with the techniques of measurement modelling, path analysis, principal component analysis, and cluster analysis, this study explores how tourists’ food involvement affects their place attachment and destination loyalty, as well as the differentiation of tourists with different lifestyles. The results show that food involvement significantly affects place attachment and destination loyalty. These relationships are differentiated by tourists’ lifestyles. This study contributes to the psychological research of tourist behaviours and provides insights into destination marketing in the context of food tourism.

    The article can be read here:

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