The Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies of the Macao Polytechnic University (MPU) recently held the High Technology Seminar Series. The seminars explored the development of advanced technology such as big data, blockchain and the Metaverse to the students of MPU and discussed the application and importance of high technology in the development of gaming, tourism and other industries. The technology-themed seminars aim to cultivate talents for the high-tech development and moderate economic diversification in Macau. The two lecture sessions were organized from both industry and academic perspectives and were delivered by Mr. Jay Chun, Chairman of Paradise Entertainment Limited, and Dr. Kuo Zhao, associate professor of computer science at Jinan University, respectively.

    The first lecture was presented by Mr. Jay Chun. In addition to introducing the evolution of electronic gaming machines (EGM), Mr. Chun discussed various technological applications in casinos, ranging from cloud technology, facial recognition, customer management system, RFID, table revenue management and EGM optimization to big data. The speaker indicated that these breakthrough technologies are designed to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and boost profitability in casinos, thus playing an important role in the development of mass-market gaming and economic diversification in Macau.

    The second lecture, on blockchain technology, was delivered remotely by Dr. Kuo Zhao. In his online presentation, Dr. Zhao first introduced the concept of blockchain and its potential applications in the digital world and various sectors, including finance, public service, supply chain, social and entertainment activities and so on. The speaker then elaborated on the marketing opportunities of the Metaverse and digital tourism in promoting local tourist attractions, further deepening the city’s regional cooperation with Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau in the Greater Bay Area.

    The two seminars have been well received and praised by MPU students. Each lecture session was attended by more than 60 participants, including undergraduate and postgraduate students in gaming and recreation management, as well as academic staff and researchers. Participating students remarked that the lectures have strengthened their understanding and knowledge of how the latest cutting-edge technologies are being applied in tourism and gaming, as well as other business sectors; furthermore, the seminars have motivated them to explore the related fields, actively acquiring knowledge and skills for the development of Macau’s gaming tourism industry and other emerging sectors.


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