Macao Gaming Concession System: Present and Future Direction

    The article “Macao Gaming Concession System: Present and Future Direction” jointly by Prof. Carlos Siu Lam and Prof. Dulce Lopes from Coimbra University, Portugal has been published in the Journal of Gambling Business and Economics.

    This article introduces the evolution of Macao gaming system with emphasis on its concession duration, legal limit on the number of concessions, asset disposal and tax rate. Although the current law requires a new public tender for awarding concessions, the increased number of gaming jurisdictions to target Macao would entail adjustment in its public policies to keep its gaming industry competitive.

    The evolution of the relevant public policies and their interactions with touristic, infrastructural, environmental and urban planning policies would likely lead to some changes in the core of the current Macao gaming legislation. Moreover, the authors indicated such major challenges as its relationship with China, its interventionist policies to mitigate social dissatisfaction, the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for Macao’s economic diversification and integration with the Greater Bay Area would critically affect Macao’s further growth and development. Consequently, revising and improving the current concession model would be crucial for a sustained upward regulatory trajectory, even though it implies substantial changes to the core of the current Macao gaming legislation.

    The article can be read here:

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